Coffee Mugs and Soapsuds

I actually forgot to post this weekend.
I forgot to post, mainly because I really didn’t know what I should write. Not much has been happening at my volunteer placement. I went again on Thursday and I washed dishes. Lots and lots of coffee mugs were washed.
I did notice that there was a bigger crowd out at last Thursday. The weather is getting colder so this is something I would expect. More and more people are coming in from off the street to grab a baked good and a coffee, sit, chat, and play cards or pool to get out of the cold for a few hours.
I was also able to use my very poor French. Someone asked for a glass of water (in French) and I was able to get it for him, so that was cool.
Thanks for reading and I apologize for this weeks post being quite boring and unexciting.


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