junior praxis pt.2

I’m calling this semester “junior praxis pt. 2” because it is a new beginning for me and my volunteer hours.
Speaking of my volunteer hours… I finally made a decision as to where I am going to be volunteering!!
My main volunteer position is going to be working with youth. I volunteer there every Tuesday from 6:30-8:30 and once a month I am there on a Sunday night for a middle school girls small group.
*   *   *   *   *
Ever since I started going to youth group in grade 6 my favourite thing was Winter Retreat. I looked forward to it every year. Both the middle school and high school groups would get together on a weekend in February to spend a weekend at a camp. It was a weekend full of learning about Jesus, staying up late, eating good food, and having lots of fun. 
Even after I was done high school and in university I went back as a leader! Last year was my first year in nine years that I didn’t go 
(there was a huge snowstorm so I couldn’t make it).
This year when I saw event pop up on my Facebook I started think how cool would it be to one day be the speaker at Winter Retreat? It has been something I was thinking about, but I would never actually ask to do it so I never thought it would happen. 

Okay so get this, last week I got a text from Matt, my home church’s Next Gen pastor (he basically works with anyone from birth to age 18) asking if I wanted to come to Winter Retreat and lead one of their sessions!!! How cool is that?? The way God works is so amazing.
Next weekend I am packing up and heading to Winter Retreat with my home church. I have a basic outline of what to talk about but I am also working hard, praying, and listening to God for direction throughout this writing & speaking process.
So my main volunteer hours will be with youth group but I’m hoping to focus more on speaking, leading devotions, and even writing bible study-like blogs.
I am looking at this semester with fresh eyes. It’s a new beginning for me and I’m super excited to see what God has in store!!
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