planning & swimming

This past Sunday night myself, along with two of my good friends (who are also youth leaders) got together with some ladies from Lewisville (my home away from home church) who teach the middle school girls Sunday school class.
*Just so you know, these middle school girls are not the same girls I talked about in my last two posts: Winter Retreat Recap Part 2 and Part 3, but they are just as awesome!*
We all got together over some Dairy Queenice cream (yum!) to discuss what our future small group time is going to look like.
The last Sunday of every month all the middle school girls, along with the lady youth leaders and the Sunday school teachers get together for a time of fellowship and fun dedicated to the exclusively to the middle school girls.
These nights are probably one of my favourite things about leading youth group at Lewisville.
On Sunday night we planned for the next few months and then for the next school year.
It was fun to help plan, but it also saddened me to think that my time at Crandall and my time at Lewisville could soon be coming to an end.
Sidenote: I am currently in my fourth and final year of my undergrad. I have applied to 2 different Education programs and I am currently trying to be patient as I wait to hear back. So there is a possibility I may be leaving Crandall for good after graduation in May. I will keep you updated!
After our planning meeting we all went to a hotel and met the girls for a fun time of swimming in the hotel pool and sitting in the hallway eating snacks. It was really fun and it was such a good time to just talk with the girls and get to know what goes on in their day-to-day life.
I love small group nights because with the hustle and bustle and craziness that is our regular Tuesday night youth group, sometimes it’s hard to really have time to chat, with small group we can just sit and talk for as long as we want; or until 8:30 comes along and its time for the girls to go home, whichever comes first!
Anyway, thanks for reading and come back next week to see what I’m to on my March Break reading week,


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