What a chaotic week

I keep telling myself, “only 3 more weeks” “only 3 more weeks.
This week has been crazy to say the least.
I have had around 6000 words due for different papers, 2 take home tests due and 12 hours worth of weekend class. Oh and I was sick on Tuesday and Wednesday.
So that was my week, how was yours?
That being said I have had hardly any time to pause in the past few days and I will be going until Tuesday (I have another assignment and a midterm) AND THEN I can rest.
However this week I did get back into reading my Bible.
Fall 2015 I made it a goal to read my bible and journal every day. I always admired the idea of journaling and the thought of writing and finishing a notebook was very appealing to me. So I went out and bought a cute little notebook – I wanted to get one that was nice and wasn’t all that cheap so that I would be motivated to write in it – Since then I have been making it a habit to read my bible and journal regularly.
I have even filled up a journal and I’m half way through my second one!
I have also readjusted my goal, now I want to read and journal through the entire bible!
I must admit though, there are times when I do fall off the wagon. There will be times when I will go a week or two without reading or writing anything.

This usually happens when my schedule changes, i.e. reading week. I got mixed up in being home for a week and then coming back to school to a chaotic and busy few weeks, that my bible reading got lost.

I know that’s really bad, but hey I’m only human and I’m trying my best.
So this week I got back into it – reading my bible and journaling.
That’s my victory for the week.
Thanks for reading,


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