Cuba 2017 Recap

If you have been following along the past few weeks you will know that I recently spent some time in Cuba on a family vacation. I could probably take a month writing and publishing Cuba recap posts, but I’m going to try to keep it to just this one-ish (next week’s post is not a Cuba recap exactly, but it is inspired by my trip).

On April 28th, my mom, dad, sister and I left the cold, fog, and rain of the Maritimes for the hot, sun, sand, and ocean of Varadero, Cuba. We stayed seven nights at the Blau Privilege Cayo Libertad hotel near Varadero. It was beautiful! Although mine and my sister’s room did not face the ocean, we had an amazing view of the marina across the road.


If you have been following along the past three weeks you will also know that last spring (2016) I went to Cuba on a mission trip with my school. My vacation to Cuba this year was so different from my mission trip to Cuba last year, but it was equally amazing. This year my trip was an entire week of disconnecting from the real world; it was a week of relaxation; and it was a week of much needed family time. Like I said, it was amazing.

In the seven days that I was in Cuba all I basically did was read books, lay in the sun, swim in the ocean, and drink Pina Coladas and fresh coconut water. It was basically heaven. One morning we did head into Varadero on the bus and then another day my dad, sister, and I went to Havana on an excursion while my mom stayed at the beach. But mostly it was all about relaxing in the sun.


Our regular daily schedule:

  • 8:00am Wake up
  • 9:00am Head to the buffet for breakfast
  • 9:45am Beach time
  • 12:30pm Buffet for lunch/snack
  • 1:00pm Back to the beach
  • 2:00pm Head to the pool
  • 5:00pm Go to the hotel room for nap/rest/bible time
  • 7:30pm Go to a restaurant on the resort for supper
  • 8:30pm Hang out at the main lobby or cigar bar with the family
  • 10:30pm Bedtime

One of the things that I did constantly while I was on the trip was read. I read while I was sitting on the beach, I read when I was sitting poolside, I read on the bus to Havana, I even read at the main lobby some nights. I love reading and the trip gave me the perfect opportunity to do so without the distractions of TV or social media. I wanted to get some quick fun reads for my trip so I hit up Indigo before going away. I took with me four books, although I only read three of them:

How to Be Bad by E. Lockhart, Sarah Mlynowski, and Lauren Myracle.
Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon.
Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard



The food at the resort was … interesting. I have always been told that people go to Cuba for the beaches not the food, but I really did not find it that bad. It was definitely not what I was used to but it never made me sick once when I was on the trip so I praise God for that!


All in all my family vacation to Cuba was awesome. It was a great time. We had a lot of laughs and made a lot of memories. Havana was an amazing city, but my heart will forever belong to the ocean. I dream of going back again and again just so I can spend another morning on the beach soaking up the sun and swimming in the salty water. I hope I’m fortunate to go back again sometimes, but if not I am still very thankful and feel so blessed to have gone this year.


Thanks for reading,


Here are a few more pictures from our trip. Enjoy!


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