Big God, Beautiful Creation

A friend of mine and I were out for a walk last weekend.

After a week of rain here in the Port City, we finally FINALLY had some sunshine and heat. We were out for our walk a bit later in the evening; the cloudless sky was just starting to turn that light blue, purple colour before it gets dark and a few stars were just starting to stand out. As I caught myself staring up at the sky and not paying attention to where I was walking, I blurted out “I love the sky.”

It is such a random thing but it is so true for me.

Sunsets, clouds, rainbows, stars, they all amaze me. When I look up to the sky I turn into a young child who is walking through Disney World for the first time. My eyes are wide and full of wonder.

a beautiful sunset at my favourite place in Saint John: the Irving Nature Park

 It is funny because the sky is something I see everyday. My bedroom is in the basement so when I look out my window I am also looking up. It is the first thing I see when I open my blinds. It is there when I wake up and it is there when I go to sleep. It is one of those constant things in my life, but God uses it to remind me of his power and his artwork in creation.

Rewind a little while back to when I was on vacation in Cuba a few weeks ago.

Cuba… what a beautiful place. Being surrounded by the beautiful flowers, sand, ocean, and sunsets, I became more aware of God’s presence than ever.

Ahh I love the ocean! It’s so beautiful!!

 I see God’s creation in the little part of the world where I live and I so often forget that he didn’t just create Saint John or the Maritimes, he created the entire world, the entire universe, and it’s all so beautiful. This thought hit me on our first full day in Cuba when I got in the ocean. I love the ocean! I’m so lucky to live near it, but in Cuba I was in a different ocean, different water, but it came from the same creator. It was just an incredible realization.  

 Because I was constantly in awe of creation, when I was on my trip, I was also constantly in awe or the Creator.

Look at this amazing sunset in Cuba!

You know the feeling you get when you see a beautiful sunset and you try to take a picture but it looks nowhere near as amazing in the picture as it does in real life? That is what I feel like every time I looked into the sky in Cuba and it is what I feel like every time I look into the sky at home. I see God’s creation, I love it, but I can never recreate it to be exactly the way he made it. You guys, God is the most amazing artist ever. His creation is so beautiful, no one will ever be able to beat it.

 So this weekend (in Canada) is a long weekend. Take advantage of the weekend. Get yourself in nature, be it the ocean or the woods, just go out somewhere and soak in the beauty that we are able to call our temporary home – this earth, and be thankful. Always. Thank God for his creation because it is absolutely amazing.

a picture of the ocean in my little part of the world

 Thanks for reading,






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