Celebrating Marriage

On the 25th of June 1994 my mom and dad got married.


 A little over a year later they had me, their pride and joy. But that’s not the point of this post.

 Yesterday my parents celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary and today I’m celebrating with them.

 I’m celebrating their love; I’m celebrating their commitment; and most of all I’m celebrating the example that they have set for me.

 Through their marriage, my parents have taught me so much both individually and as one.


 My mom has taught me what it means to love and submit to your husband with your whole heart. Now don’t get me wrong, my dad isn’t the ruler of the family, if mom has something to say she’ll say it and she’ll say it loud, but she supports my dad and has his back in every decision he makes. One of the things my mom does for my dad is make his lunches. It is something she does everyday when he’s working. It’s a small thing, but she does it with so much joy and love it’s so amazing and inspiring. (I’m not saying to be a good wife you need to make your husband lunch everyday, it is just something about my mom that I admire!)

 My dad has taught me what to look for in a man. He has showed me what it means for a man to love a woman and through that he has shown both Olivia and I how we deserve to be respected and treated by any future men who may come into our lives. My dad is one of the main reasons for my high standards so guys if you want someone to blame you can go see my dad. I however do not blame him, I give him credit and am very thankful for it. My mom always says that I will have a hard time to find a husband that is as good as my dad, but I am up for the challenge and I will not settle.


 My parents are opposites but they compliment perfectly. If anyone has ever met my mom you know she is hilarious. She is loud and has the best sense of humor; she is always making people laugh. My dad, he is quiet and kind. He would never hurt a fly and he would do anything for anyone.

 My mom and dad have a love that is forever young. They have never been afraid to hold hands or cuddle or kiss in front of my sister and I. They protect each other, they have fun together, and they have a love that I know will last for many more years.


 Over the years my mom and dad have faced many challenges. They have owned a business, sold the business. They had two, perfect, daughters and then they had to deal with those daughters throughout our awkward teenage years (kudos to you guys, I’d say you did pretty well). They have suffered the loss of parents and the loss of jobs. They have made the transition from a full nest to empty nesters and they have learned to live as just the two of them alone again.

 Through it all my parents have stood side-by-side, they have fought as a team and they have celebrated as a team. They are the best couple I know and I thank God for them and their example of marriage every single day.

 So mom and dad, here’s to you. Your marriage is a beautiful gift. It is such a blessing to be your daughter and to have witnessed it these past (almost) 22 years. I love you guys.


 Thanks for reading,



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