Summer Update

Oh man, I feel like I blinked and now summer is half over. After taking a (unintentional) two-weeklong breaks from blogging, I decided to just take the entire month of July off. Now it’s August and I’m ready to jump back into it.


 If you would have asked me a few months ago how busy I expected to be this summer I would have told you that I was planning to have a fun and relaxed summer. But here we are with summer in full swing, I am the busiest I have ever been and I’m kind of loving it!

 The days feel short, the time goes by quick, and my days are jam packed full. I am super busy, but I’m busy doing stuff I love so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on summer at all.

[ br(eakfast) + (l)unch ]

 (1) First up on my summer update list is my job: I’m so happy to be back working at my church this summer. I am working with a team of 5 other students in both high school and university. My role is the community outreach intern, so I do a little bit of work with the community in the Old North End in Saint John and I do a little bit of work at the church with children and youth summer programs.

 Throughout the school year, my church runs a program every Tuesday and Friday mornings. People can come in for a social time, visit with friends, listen to some worship music, and hear a message from one of the pastors or a guest speaker. Then at noon there is a meal served for everyone.

 My role this summer (the same as last summer) is to keep the mission open and have the Tuesday morning program continue to run throughout the month of July. We also do some outings with the people in the community and I have been going on some of them. My main project for August is to compile an excel document with all the information of the people in the community who attend our church so that we can have one huge contact list for different community events.

(2) Second on the list is rugby: This summer, after not playing since high school (it has been 4 years!) I decided to start playing rugby again. It’s pretty funny because I started playing rugby in grade 9 and I played all through high school. When I was in grade 12 and my sister was in grade 9 I got her to try out for the team and she also fell in love with the sport. Now, my sister (who is basically a rugby star) plays for her university. This summer the roles were reversed as she got me to come and play for a club team in Saint John just like I had gotten her to play in high school.

 Going back to rugby was hands down the best decision I made all summer. I love rugby and everything about it. I play with the Saint John Irish and I wouldn’t want to play for any other team. We are a family who loves rugby and it makes the sport so much better.

 It is really busy with practicing two nights a week and having games either every week or every other week but it has also given me so much more confidence playing this summer.

(3) Third on the list is time spent with friends. This summer I have been able to spend a lot of time with some of my really great friends. Whether it is going to yard sales on a Saturday morning, having a girls night in, going to the boardwalk, or just going for a walk around my neighborhood, almost all my free time – when I find some – is spent with my friends. There are some friends that I haven’t been able to see nearly as much as I’d hoped because they live in a different province or they are out traveling Europe, but that sort of stuff is out of my control and we make sure to talk and text as much as we can.

(4) Fourth on the list is my camp: My family has a beautiful seasonal spot at a campground just 40 minutes outside the city. We park our trailer there all summer long, but even though I call it my camp, it is more like glamping than camping. We have power, and water, and satellite TV, but we also have the Saint John River, and bonfires, and lots and lots of stars on a clear night. So it’s basically the best of both worlds! For the first few weeks of summer I had hardly been up to my camp, but now I’m trying to get up there as much as possible. It’s just so beautiful; I love spending time there.

(5) Fifth (and last) on the list is writing. First, for work I was writing a devo for each Tuesday at the mission, second I’m speaking at church at the end of the month, and third I’ve been writing some for Take Heart Daughters (more on that in a later post) – plus I have a few assignments from my Acadia courses that I have been writing. So my summer has been full of reading my Bible, praying over passages, and trying to write what the Holy Spirit is putting on my heart.

 As I said, my summer has been REALLY busy so far and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. I love what I’m doing and I’m making a lot of memories. So all in all my summer has still been really good. I will admit, I am really excited for the last week of summer when I have a few days to just do nothing but relax in the sun, but for now, I’m happy where I’m at, crazy schedule and all.

 Thanks for reading,



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